Services - QHSE Compliance

To ensure your organization is in compliance with the local and international QHSE standards there needs to be a robust QHSE management systems in place to make sustainable improvement for Quality and HSE performance.

Oil Gas QHSE Solution (OGQHSE) a framework within which you can structure key elements of QHSE Standards (ISO 9001, API Q1, API Q2, ISO 14001, OHSA 18001) to comply with QHSE requirements with corporate governance.

We have a strong experience in Quality and HSE Consultancy for Oil, Gas & Mining Companies. Our experience allows us to deal with local situation, Nationals laws and regulations and International Requirements to be immediately efficient in your organization.

Key Points

  • Quality Standards (ISO and API)
  • Health, Safety and Environment Standards (ISO and API)
  • QHSE reporting and investigation.
  • QHSE Advisor
  • Incident / Accident Investigation
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • QHSE Management System
  • QHSE Audit
  • QHSE Training
  • QHSE strategy development.
  • For a short or permanent term, QHSE Advisor and QHSE Supervisor.
  • Development, implementation, review and follow up QHSE management system.